Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fortification and Promotion

"To live in such an age, the stars at my back, and the universe ahead of me, all left out for the taking"

Recent weeks have been more than busy, the establishment of a Starbase in solitude and the promotion of our new Landforce Security director have left the offices running overtime to keep up.

The Starbase, is effectively the initiative of security director Vinson Miles, who has been diligently preparing and arranging transport of the equipment and overseeing the deployment shortly within the start of the assigned deployment period. The base is now online, and defenses are fully operational, with production capabilities building up in the following days. The base is nearly operating a full capacity and will hopefully prove to be a profitable venture for the corporation.

Furthermore, Eos Landforce Security has recently experienced a change in leadership. Victor Euel, the former head has stepped down, leaving the department in relative limbo for a short time. After debate, one Hally Tari-Tari has been promoted to the Directorship of the department. Minor reforms have been seen since, and Eos Landforce Security is well on the way to optimum efficiency.

Ammos Gravit
Eos Corporation

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


"With great danger, can sometimes come great opportunity"

Today marks a milestone in Eos history. Our first official operation in "Lowsec" territory. The first of many heavy assets were moved out to our new base of operation, including an Amarr Control Tower, by Eos security yesterday. The operation ran without flaw, and we hope to commit to more of such operations in the near future. In the mean time, the final stages of Starbase setup must be completed before we can further our economic goals in the sector.

In addition to or orbital operations, today marks the start of a mass colonisation effort. Five specific planets have been targeted for our efforts, four of which are in system with the Starbase. The goal of this, is to not only create a stable supply chain for the continued operation of the Starbase, but to bring take advantage of the low supply market for planetary good in the region. Eos Corporation will be opening calls for recruitment of colonists in the near future. Until then, must work must be done.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eos Landforce Security, a Department leaving Infancy.

Eos Landforce Security. At the time of the Bosena IX raid, the department was small and relied primarily on the support of contracted mercenaries and auxiliaries. With barely enough soldiers to fill squad leader positions, Eos Landforce Security seemed destined to remain in obscurity. However, the actions of the Bosena IX raid seem to have changed that.

In the short time since the raid, the Empyrean Corps of Eos Landforce Security has increased tenfold. Becoming one of the largest structured Mercenary employment centers* in New Eden. Pushing past the standards set by even Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris.

What Happened?

The cause of this sudden rush of recruits can be linked to two main causes. The lesser of the two, is the effect of the sudden rush itself, as more Mercenaries hear of Eos' growth, more want to be a part of it. The primary cause of this sudden influx of recruits is the new Eos recruitment advertising campaign. Many Mercenaries will not go looking for employment the likes of Eos, nor even know it exists. The new campaign broadcasts open calls for employment across their systems. Many mercenaries find that Eos is what they didn't even know they wanted. Soon the Eos recruitment centres were swarmed. Much in the same way Capsuleers advertise their wares, Eos advertised job openings delivered straight to the target market.

From here, things will likely go up. As the recruitment campaign continues, more mercenaries will join on, and more opportunities for Eos Landforce Secuity to prove itself will open up. Until then, the Board of Directors will continue their deciding on the new Director for said department

*((Biggest group of roleplaying mercs))

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Bosena IX Raid.

Recently, the Eos Corporation engaged in a probing attack in the Bosena system. This attack, while unsuccessful in regards to territorial control, a large amount of the civilian population was evacuated.

Battles like this further demonstrate the need for effective intelligence. Corporations may not have all of their allies and contractual affiliates. The days of landing large-scale invasion forces are gone, battles are now equally the territory of soldiers and spies. An enemy must be thoroughly researched, their weaknesses must be researched and exploited in any way possible.

As for the civilians, they are currently being transferred to the Aurora Arcology Project in an undisclosed vessel after a standard quarantine period. Due to, in no small part, Aurora's longstanding history of being an excellent refuge for civilians, no further trouble is expected for the refugees.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Gravit On: Joint Operations

In recent times, first with the lift of bans on Capsuleer involvement in planetary operations and furthermore with the advent of cloned mercenaries, joint planetary and orbital operations have changed from being virtually unheard of, to not being an uncommon sight. Molden Heath has seen more then its fair share of orbital fire recently. Since CONCORD has ceased protective operations against immortal takeovers of planetary districts, every planet in the region capable of supporting life has become a perpetual warzone. 

It seems that Molden Heath has become a microcosm of New Eden itself. Mercenary corporations and alliances battling for control over the handful of planets they can, while others have decided to stay out of the entire business, lending their arms to the various Empire's militias, or even simply the highest bidder. 

Recently, the Eos Corporation launched an attack of our own, with the goal of securing and evacuating civilian assets in the area. With assistance from the CONCORD Interceptor task force, Heag Enterprises, and various other organisations many of the area's refugees were successfully evacuated and are currently waiting for relocation. This entire situation brought to mind the importance of joint Orbital and Ground operations.

The key to these operations is, first and foremost, structure. Having an entire fleet of capsuleers attempting to call targets while Operatives on the ground shout over weapon fire can cause confusion and end the entire operation quickly and fatally. The solution to this, is a new rank in the system. Best described as an "Overseer" in Caldari, though titles like the Amarrian "Warmaster" fit also, this individual would relay tactical information and orders to the Fleet Commander and Squadleaders. 

With the introduction of this position, these operations can be run smoothly and with a minimal of confusion.

Ammos Gravit
Eos Corporation